How to Prevent Tooth Misalignment in Children

Do you want your child to grow into the strong and healthy smile they deserve? If so, you need to prevent the many things that can affect their teeth, gums and oral health. One of those things is tooth misalignment. Fortunately, there are things you can do when your child... Read more »

How Does an Overbite Occur?

An overbite is a type of malocclusion, which is a technical term for misalignments in the jaw. More specifically, an overbite means that the upper teeth extend further than the lower teeth. How exactly do the teeth get like that? As with many similar issues, there can be a few... Read more »

Tips That Can Help You Care for Your Braces

Your braces are a handy appliance that can align your teeth and give you the smile you want. However, that’s only the case if you keep your braces in tip-top shape. Failing to care for your appliance can affect your orthodontic journey, especially because you increase your chances of suffering... Read more »

Why Straighten Teeth?

Have you ever wondered if you should straighten your teeth? If so, you have come to the right place! Our orthodontist, Dr. James Karhohs with James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has had the extra education needed to answer your questions about why you should straighten... Read more »

People with Braces Need to Attend Their Dental Checkups

Orthodontists like Dr. James Karhohs and specialists at James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC can often use traditional braces and clear plastic aligners to help address misaligned teeth. To maximize the realignment process and prevent undue complications, patients with braces will need to practice good oral hygiene practices. This starts... Read more »

Orthodontics Can Improve Your Smile

Are you looking for ways to improve your smile? If so, consider orthodontics as an ideal treatment. Orthodontics can move your teeth and jaw into an ideal and healthy position. Our orthodontist, Dr. James Karhohs, understands the details of orthodontics and is happy to give you some basic highlights on... Read more »

Simple Tips to Help Maintain Your Traditional Braces

The traditional braces installed in your mouth at James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC represent a significant investment in realigning your teeth. Problems with tooth decay, periodontal inflammation and other oral health problems could complicate the realignment process as well as increase the time and number of necessary adjustments to... Read more »

Dealing with a Broken Retainer

After your braces come off, your dentist will either give you a removable retainer to wear, or cement a fixed retainer behind your teeth. Whichever type of retainer you have, it is very important that you take good care of it, and let your dentist know if it is damaged.... Read more »

The Smile Problems Orthodontic Treatment Can Fix

Orthodontic treatment is very beneficial, especially because it can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and it can even improve your oral health. Orthodontic treatment is also beneficial because it can correct many smile problems. This makes it possible for anyone to achieve the smile they want! Our... Read more »

The Orthodontic Appliances Available

Because of the modern technology in the world today, orthodontic treatment is better now than ever! In fact, there are many different appliances available that can align your teeth and give you the smile you want. There are fixed appliances and removable appliances that can help you. Our orthodontist, Dr.... Read more »