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Your braces are a significant and expensive investment in your smile. You can take good care of them by making sure that you brush and floss every day, and avoid hard, tough or sticky foods that can damage your braces. But sometimes accidents happen. If you damage your braces, don’t panic. Instead, call our dentist, Dr. James Karhohs to schedule an appointment. But we also have some tips that help if you find yourself dealing with broken braces.

If you break a wire or find that one is protruding, it can irritate your gums, cheeks or lips. You can cover it with dental wax so that it is less bothersome. You can also try rinsing with a saltwater solution. You might try pushing it back into place with a pencil eraser. Before you trim the wire, contact James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC. There is a chance that you could swallow or inhale the piece you cut off, and we will advise you on what you should do. If a bracket comes loose, cover it with dental wax to reduce any discomfort. If a band falls off, save it and bring it with you to your next appointment. Losing a spacer may seem like a surprise, but it usually just means that you need to have a new band placed.

If you are having a problem with your braces, give us a call at 616-784-4300 and we’ll schedule you for an appointment and have you smiling again in no time.