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For Dr. Karhohs centric relation is the guiding principle for correcting your smile and byte. Centric relation refers to true hinge access of the lower jaw as determined by ligaments and muscles. Where the lower jaw functions if the lower jaw were relaxed. In a malocclusion, misplaced teeth guide or force your jaw to an alternate location. This causes hyper-muscle activity as they need to be “working” in order to make you teeth fit in what you feel is your normal bite. And this triggers other problems starting with your muscles never being able to relax, people will start clenching or grinding which causes wear and stress on your teeth. You can also experience soreness and tenderness around the ears, jaws, teeth as well as neck and back muscles. You need functional harmony between your teeth and muscles to have a healthy dentition. To learn more about centric relation and to schedule your appointment with Dr. James Karhohs in Grand Rapids, Michigan, please call us today at 616-784-4300.

Believe it or not, bad bites occur not only with your original teeth, but also with restorations such as crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and implant-supported dentures. Your orthodontic treatment can be easily and effectively tailored to your unique needs to ensure that you can achieve or regain a healthy bite that matches your stunning smile, and we offer comprehensive treatments to correct your malocclusions. Whether you are bringing your child in for an orthodontic treatment or seeking a solution for your own dental needs, our orthodontist and team are able to help you.

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