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Dr. James Karhohs provides Dynaflex ClearViz+ braces to give you an orthodontic treatment that is more discreet. These innovative clear braces are smaller than traditional acrylic braces, making them comfortable and easy to clean while maintaining the effectiveness of your treatment. We welcome you to call James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC at 616-784-4300 to learn more about Dynaflex ClearViz+ braces in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and make your appointment with our experienced orthodontist.

Clear braces are designed to give you a treatment that is both discreet and effective, and are usually made of a tooth-colored material such as acrylic, ceramic, or porcelain. Dynaflex ClearViz+ braces take these goals of discretion and effectiveness in orthodontics a step further.

Dynaflex ClearViz+ braces are made from monocrystalline sapphire. This material produces a bracket of superior strength and great clarity, giving you a treatment that blends in nearly flawlessly with your teeth and is highly durable. Plasma silica coating is also used on the appliance to enhance the sliding mechanics and slot strength to improve the effectiveness of your treatment. Best of all, these braces are 30% smaller in size than traditional acrylic braces, and have perfectly rounded edges, giving you the highest level of comfort and the strongest bond strength possible throughout your entire treatment.

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