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Your braces are a handy appliance that can align your teeth and give you the smile you want. However, that’s only the case if you keep your braces in tip-top shape. Failing to care for your appliance can affect your orthodontic journey, especially because you increase your chances of suffering dental issues, like cavities. So, it’s important to care for your braces regularly. To do so, our orthodontist, Dr. James Karhohs, encourages you to do the following things:

-Keep up on oral hygiene: It’s very important to brush and floss regularly. In fact, it’s recommended to brush after every meal and floss at least once a day. If you can floss more, that’s best. Oral hygiene can help you remove food particles and plaque that build up on the teeth and in the smile.

-Use orthodontic tools to clean your braces: Orthodontic tools, like interdental brushes, can help you properly and effectively clean your teeth and appliance. These tools scrub the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth that your toothbrush and floss cannot reach. So, make sure to use these tools often.

-Watch what you eat: Certain foods, like chewy, sticky and hard foods, can damage the braces. It’s best to avoid those foods as much as possible. This can help you stay on track toward your perfect smile.

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