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Orthodontic emergencies are not common, but they do happen on occasion. If you experience an orthodontic emergency in Grand Rapids, Michigan, please contact us as soon as possible for an appointment with our orthodontist. Dr. James Karhohs and our team offer orthodontic emergency care to help repair damage to orthodontic appliances and to help you continue working towards your perfect smile. If you are unable to come to our office immediately, we can provide you with instructions on how to care for your appliances or injury until you can come into our office. Continue reading to learn what to do in the case of a common orthodontic emergency: broken brackets.

See if the orthodontic bracket is still attached to the wire. If it is, leave it in place and cover it with orthodontic wax. The wax will keep the bracket from sliding and improve comfort for your cheeks and gums. Your cheeks and gums will also be protected. If the bracket is no longer attached to the wire, remove it and bring it into our office with you.

If the broken bracket caused the wire to move out of place, clip the wire with fingernail clippers. Clip it as close to the bracket as you can. This will help you avoid injury to the cheeks, lips, and tongue.

The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner you’ll get back on track with your orthodontic treatment. When you make an appointment, make sure you explain the situation so our team can meet your needs.

If you experience this or any other type of orthodontic emergency, we urge you to call our friendly orthodontist and team as soon as possible.