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Orthodontic treatment is very beneficial, especially because it can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and it can even improve your oral health. Orthodontic treatment is also beneficial because it can correct many smile problems. This makes it possible for anyone to achieve the smile they want! Our orthodontist, Dr. James Karhohs, is happy to list the problems orthodontic treatment can fix, which are:

-Overbite: This is oftentimes called “buck teeth.” It occurs when the upper front teeth protrude or stick out farther than the bottom teeth.

-Underbite: This typically causes a “bulldog” look. It is when the lower teeth are sticking out farther than the top teeth or when the upper teeth are too far back.

-Crossbite: This is when the upper teeth fail to come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when you bite down.

-Open bite: This is when you have a space between the biting surfaces of your front and side teeth when you bite down.

-Misplaced midline: This is when the center of your upper front teeth does not line up with the center of your lower front teeth.

-Spacing: This is when you have gaps between the teeth because you are missing teeth or because your teeth just don’t fill the mouth.

-Crowding: This is when you have more teeth than your jawbone can hold.

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