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After the installation of braces, it’s just as important if not more to keep regular dental cleaning habits. Here at James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC, we invest heavily in the correct alignment of your teeth but also the oral health of your mouth.

It is crucial to take care of your teeth and braces during the duration of your teeth alignment. With the typical regimen of brushing twice and flossing daily, your braces require an extra level of care to prevent cavities and plaque buildup. With cavities, the proper alignment of your teeth could suffer due to time being taken away to repair damage.

Avoid eating sticky foods or chewing gum. Wires could potentially be bent, brackets loosened, or spacers pulled out of place. They can also get caught in small spaces, causing buildup to occur and possible infection or decay. Hard foods ought to be eaten with care as well to avoid knocking or breaking something out of place.

Special oral hygiene tools such as interdental brushes, dental water jets, or floss threaders are great and durable tools to help clean better around your braces. Interdental brushes can be used to remove particles in those hard-to-reach spots. Water jets use a straight stream of water to wash away particles, and floss threaders get in between the teeth that you are unable to do with regular floss.

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