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Should you consider getting braces? Not only will braces straighten your smile, but they will fix the alignment in your teeth and jaw as well. Braces can be essential to good oral health because straight teeth not only look better, but they function better and are less likely to suffer damage.  

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about getting braces:

– With braces, your teeth can will have a better and stronger fit in your jaw because they will no longer contact each other at troublesome angles .

– Braces can lessen your risk of your teeth cracking or splitting against each other.

– Depending on the level of malocclusion and alignment problems with your bite, braces can improve your eating and speaking skills.

– Plaque buildup has fewer places to hide in your mouth if your teeth are in their proper alignment.

– Braces frequently lower the risk of tooth enamel damage due to bruxism or TMD.

– Braces can improve your self-esteem and boost your self-image.

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