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Orthodontists like Dr. James Karhohs and specialists at James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC can often use traditional braces and clear plastic aligners to help address misaligned teeth. To maximize the realignment process and prevent undue complications, patients with braces will need to practice good oral hygiene practices.

This starts with always remembering to brush your teeth twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association. It is also important to attend a routine dental checkup twice each year.

Each of these appointments include a thorough dental cleaning and polishing treatment to effectively remove plaque and hardened tartar from your teeth. A following dental exam will also monitor the overall health of your mouth. This can help to treat any developing issues or prevent a minor issue from worsening.

If you’re having any problems brushing and flossing hard to reach areas around your braces hardware, you might want to try incorporating one or two oral hygiene tools into your daily routine. An interdental brush, floss threader or dental water flosser can often help clear away bacterial deposits from hard to reach places in your mouth.

If you live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area and you have a question about how to best maintain a healthy mouth with braces, you can always call 616-784-4300 to schedule an appointment at James V. Karhohs, DDS, MS, PC.